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Yuka and I both won first place in the competition! 🏆

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

I'm Mai from Mai Lashes Brisbane, a home based eyelash extension salon in Brisbane, Australia.

Just when we' re feeling down about the Brisbane lockdown being extended, we get some good news!

Our staff member, Yuuka

won the 1st place in her first competition!

First place, first place and first competition!

I'm so happy!

This competition was for the beginner category, up to 2 years of lash experience. Yuka has been training with us since October, so she's been doing it for less than a year.

It's amazing that she won first place!

Some competitions require less than one year for the beginner category, soWe were talking about "this competition is limited to two years, so it might be tough", and "the one year difference in skill when you've just started is huge".

Then, to my surprise, she won first place!😆

My personal tips for winning the competition are

  • Apply extensions to all the lashes in the photo.

  • Use a maximum length of 11mm.

  • Align the outline.

  • Don't apply them too close or too far apart.

  • Use a maximum thickness of 0.12 for classic lashes.

Competition work, even the classics, takes 5 or 6 hours, so it's really hard to keep your energy and focus. I want to give up halfway.

It's difficult to find the right model.

I am so proud of Yuka for her hard work and dedication. I am so happy that her hard work has paid off!

I'm sure she'll be more than happy.

I'll have to make a place for the trophy in Yuka's treatment room.🏆

By the way...

I also entered 2 entries in the same competition in the Lash lift beginner category and I won both!

I got 1st and 2nd place!

In a few months I will have been doing lash lift for 2 years, so I was still able to enter the beginner category.

I've been working really hard on the Lash Lift lately, so I'm happy to have won a prize for the Lash Lift!


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