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Enthusiastic about the goodness of Lash Lift and Tint.We are offering a special deal for August!

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

August special 8月1日〜31日

Lash lift tint $90→$70

Yuka has done a lot of practice with the lash lift and has successfully made her debut , so we are offering specials throughout August.

↓A lot of practice↓

All the photos I've posted have turned out beautifully, but as I've practiced with more and more models, there was a time when I thought "I can't get it right at all! There was a time when she fell into a slump.

If I don't go well I get sick of practicing and I think,

I don't want to do it anymore!" I know Yuka didn't say that, but I don't want to do it at all 😂.

So, we've just released Yuka's special deal and customers are booking in, and this time we lock down.

Actually, in April?I think Brisbane went into lockdown just after Yuka started her first lift practice. And when she started her second practice, it was locked down as well. This time, when she was finally ready to give her debut treatment to a client, Brisbane was locked down again.

No luck with the Lash lift, Yuka! 😅

What is a tint? I am often asked this question. It is true that we Japanese are not familiar with the tint of "Lash Lift /Tint".

A tint is a black colouring of your own eyelashes.

For those of us with darker lashes, the effect is not as dramatic, but it does make the lashes look a little darker and thicker.

It is well known in Australia that blondes and Caucasians with light coloured lashes will get a 100% tint along with a lash lift.

For blondes, darkening the lashes is very popular as it gives a very different look.

Lash Lift is a technique to curl your eyelashes, so if your eyelashes are too short, we don't recommend it.

(That's why it seems to be popular in Japan to use a super-stretching eyelash serum like Eyenvy to grow your lashes and then lift them.)

On the other hand, if your eyelashes are long and straight, this is definitely the way to go. If you have long and straight lashes, they can cover your eyes and reduce your vision without you even realising it.

Just lift it upwards and your vision will be clearer and your eyes will look brighter!

I had a lash lift done by Yuka a while ago.

"I was so impressed with how much easier it was to do my makeup every day just by having my eyelashes lifted.

I'm so impressed.

  • No need to apply eyelash curler in the morning, just apply mascara.

  • Your lashes won't get damaged because you don't have to curl them with the eyelash curler.

  • Your lashes will still be looking up at the end of the day.

  • Unlike extensions, you can thoroughly wash and touch your eyes without worrying.

Many people say that they don't do extensions because they are too hard to maintain, but it is these people who should try Lash Lift.

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