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Risks of at-home eyelash extensions removals

How to remove lash extensions

Eyelash extensions have become a staple among the beauty routines of many people. This trend has transcended mere fashion, becoming a symbol of personal grooming and self-care. However, with the rising popularity of these beauty enhancements comes a crucial discussion that often goes overlooked: the risks associated with DIY eyelash extension removal.

While the convenience of at-home removal might seem appealing, it's essential to understand the potential hazards. This article aims to shed light on the significant risks that DIY methods pose, from eye infections to the plausible damage to your natural lashes. More importantly, we will explore why professional salon services are not just a luxury but a necessity for the safe and effective removal of eyelash extensions.

By the end of this article, you'll have a deeper understanding of why professional intervention is crucial for maintaining the health and beauty of your eyes and eyelashes. Let's delve into the world of eyelash extensions and learn why professional care is paramount in preserving both the allure and safety of this prominent beauty trend.


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Lash removal at home

Many people want to remove their eyelash extensions at home, attracted by the convenience and cost savings. However, this DIY approach comes with pronounced risks.

Risks of at-home eyelash extensions removals

Eye Infections:

DIY removal at home can easily lead to eye infections. Without clean tools and proper techniques, bacteria can infiltrate the sensitive eye area, causing infections. Professionals, adept in taping techniques, protect the eyelids and eyeballs from chemical exposure. Self-removal without such fundamental knowledge can result in direct injury to the eyes and eyelids, leading to further possible infections.

Damage to Natural Eyelashes:

DIY removal often damages natural eyelashes due to the lack of professional techniques and tools. It's easy to imagine eyelashes breaking or being pulled out from improper handling.

Allergic Reactions:

Inexpensive eyelash extension kits may contain chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. These reactions vary from mild inflammation to severe swelling, which is particularly dangerous for those unaware of their own sensitivities. Professional lash salons source reliable products from specialised suppliers, usually accompanied by documents that confirm safety standards.

Improper Techniques:

As mentioned prior, individuals untrained in proper removal techniques are more likely to damage the eyelids and/or lash roots. To illustrate, serious injuries to the lash roots can prevent regrowth, and injuries can worsen into inflammation which in turn requires medical treatment or medication, leading to unexpected expenses.


It is essential to understand these risks. Choosing professional salon services can help ensure the health and safety of your eyes and lashes.

Have you ever heard about using Vaseline, olive oil, or coconut oil to remove eyelash extensions?

オリーブオイル エクステ

👉Let’s talk in more detail about another interesting topic. 

Have you ever heard about using olive oil, Vaseline, or coconut oil to remove eyelash extensions? There are several questions about this method, and it's worth exploring the science behind it.

First, let's consider the adhesive used for eyelash extensions. 

This glue contains cyanoacrylate, a very strong, water-resistant, and quick-drying chemical. This type of compound is known for its robust adhesive properties and is not easily disintegrated.

Next, consider the properties of substances like olive oil. 

While they are wonderful natural ingredients in many beauty products, their ability as solvents is limited. Specifically, they are not effective in dissolving strong adhesives like cyanoacrylate.

Using olive oil and other similar substances might not completely dissolve the eyelash extension glue.

So, why do lash artists recommend using oil-free cleansers?

The primary reason lash artists suggest oil-free cleansing products is because oil-based materials can weaken the bond of eyelash extension adhesives. While these adhesives are very strong, the oily substances can potentially reduce their adhesive strength.

Oil-based ingredients such as olive oil will not completely dissolve the cyanoacrylate adhesive, but may slightly soften the surface of the adhesive and weaken the bond between the adhesive and the lashes. 

This can lead to poor retention and premature removal of the extensions, which is why we recommend using oil-free cleansing products with the aim of improving lash retention.

Oil-free products effectively keep lashes clean without weakening the adhesive bond. Home lash shampoo kits can be purchased in our salons.

Choosing the Right Salon: What to Look For

ハンドメイド ボリュームラッシュ 作品

Reputation and Reviews: 

We recommend that you look carefully at Instagram photos and legitimate reviews before choosing a salon to ensure that your personal preferences match the style offered by the salon, especially when it comes to eyelash extension design. This will prevent you from ending up on this blog with a design that is far from what you had in mind after your treatment.

Technician's Qualifications: 

Ensure that the eyelash extension technician is experienced.

Consultation Approach: 

Choose a salon that offers thorough consultations before the procedure.


Remember that DIY removal of eyelash extensions can lead to eye infections, lash damage, and allergic reactions. Professional salons ensure safe and effective removal while maintaining the health of your lashes. It is strongly advised to consult a lash professional for eyelash extension care.

The world of beauty is constantly evolving with new trends and methods. When trying these, it's important to prioritize scientific evidence and expert knowledge. Always consider the health of your skin and lashes first, and pursue beauty in a safe and reliable way.


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