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Does eyelash lift damage my eyelashes?

Lash lift seems to be getting more and more popular these days.

The question we receive the most is: " Does lash lift cause damage to my eyelashes? Here is my opinion on this question.

First of all, it is important to understand that eyelash extensions, lash lift and using a curler on your lashes cause at least some damage to your own lashes.

In the case of eyelash extensions (simple explanation here), the lash tech's lack of knowledge would make them to apply thick extensions without considering the risk to the customer's own eyelashes. As a result, the eyelashes that grow out next will gradually become thiner and weaker. We can't apply extensions to weakened eyelashes.This is why we recommended our clients to have a break and to use eyelash serums to restore the health of their own eyelashes, which we call Lash rehab.

The second thing is to curl your lashes every day using an eyelash curler causes more damage.

Eyelash curlers create a curl by squeezing and bending your lashes.If the rubber part of the eyelash curler is worn out or old, it will cause the eyelashes to snap.It's easy to imagine that the curler is putting a lot of damage on your eyelashes if you do it every day.In addition, the eyelash curler pulls the eyelashes, so it also causes stress on the eyelash follicles.

Lash lift cuts the bonds inside your own lashes, displacing them and rejoining them.The damage is not zero as the cuticle is opened to allow the chemical to absorb, but it is definitely less damaging than using an eyelash curler to squeeze your lashes every day, as the Lash Lift lasts around 6 weeks.

We use special treatments to further reduce the damage to your own lashes with a lash lift.

It is particularly important to determine the right amount of softening of your lashes. Too much softening can cause unnecessary damage to your lashes.

Choose a salon that you trust and that has the knowledge and experience to do this.

We also offer a mascara type serum. These are the perfect daily treatment to maintain optimum lash lift results and lash health, which give them softness and shin to your eyelashes.


The advantage of Lash lift is that you will spend far less time on make-up. Every morning your eyelashes will be curled without the need for a lash curler, so you can cut down on the time spent on lash curlers and make a little more time in your busy schedule. Also, by not using a lash curler, your lashes will not be pulled and the damage will be reduced.

The best thing about the lash lift is its low maintenance.

All you need to do is to apply the mascara type serum once in the morning and evening.

It's very natural look. Because you are curling your own lashes.


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