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Tips for eyelash extensions customers @Beach

It' s summer! Beach! Eyelash extensions!

Pool & Beach Holiday Season has come.

The reason why we recommend eyelash extensions.

⭐It's because Eyelash extensions doesn't come off easily when wet⭐

In everyday life, if your lash extensions get wet when you wash your face or take a shower, it won't be a problem as long as you're taking care of them, right?

Your lash extensions won't come off if they get wet in a pool or in a beach.

It's so sad to see mascara come off and leave you with panda eyes!

Eyelashes are great for swimming pools and the beach, but you still need to look after them. All of these are easy to do, so why not take a look?

Things to remember

Wait until the adhesive has fully cured

Don't go to the pool or beach immediately after having your eyelash extensions applied, wait at least 24 hours before you go.

If you already have plans to go to the pool or beach, book an appointment at the salon two days in advance👍

Protect yourself from UV rays

UV exposure for long periods of time causes the adhesive to deteriorate quickly.

What you need to prepare:Sunglasses😎 ・Wide brimmed hat👒 ・Beach parasol🏖 or other protection from direct sunlight

If you swim, wear goggles

Eyelash extensions are water resistant, but they can easily come off if they are under water pressure or stay wet for too long.

It is important not to leave them wet for too long.

Wash your face as soon as you get out of the pool or sea

The chlorine in sea and pool water can dry out and damage your eyelashes.

It is like we have experienced dry hair after swimming in the sea or pool.

This happens to your eyelashes too!

Dry your lashes

After washing your face and while resting by the pool or on the beach, pad gently to remove any moisture with a towel.

In the summer our make-up can easily come off.

With eyelash extensions, you can have fuller lashes even without makeup!

However, in summer it is easy to sweat and the air conditioning indoors can dry out your lashes, so we recommend frequent care and regular infills to keep them looking fabulous.

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