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We have created an original eyelash product and would like to introduce it to you🫶

Today's blog will line of eyelash extensions.

(This will mainly be on lash artist content, so please keep reading if you are interested!)

I started my career as a Lash Artist in 2016.

Since I started, I have tried so many different products, not only from Japan and Australia but also from the UK, the United States, and Canada.

Since I was running my own salon from home, there was no one I could talk to when it comes to what company's products were reliable, or what kind of products would make lashes last longer, so I simply went online and tried everything that looked good.

For the first two years, I treated around 600 to 800 customers a year, but during the first two years, I made almost no profit. At that time, I had just started as a lash artist and the price per client was rather low, so I was quite depressed during the first two years, thinking, "I've done this much for a year and the profit is nothing like I imagined”.

It wasn't just the products, but also the amount of money I invested in my skills for the first two or three years.

I went to Brisbane, Perth and Sydney to take courses in lash techniques, and I also went to take courses with Lash Lift.

I also went to take several volume lash courses with different trainers.

I also entered a lash competition. Of course, there was an entry fee.

I thought of it as an investment, so I spent a lot of money on products, courses and training when I first started.

Nevertheless, going back to my topic, I will share with you the story of our own branded products.

About a year ago, we started working on the idea of creating original products.

I had heard that making original products is hard work, and I expected that it would be a lot of work.

But the reason why we started making our own brand is due to the fact that we couldn't find a product that we were 100% satisfied with.

I'm 80% to 90% satisfied at most. That is, if some part of this product could be improved a bit more, or if this other factor could be better, it would be a perfect score of 100. I have been using other companies' branded products for a while, and I thought that if I made my own products, I would be able to achieve 100% satisfaction. So I started to create my own original brand.


At the moment, the volume lash trays 0.07mm and 0.06mm extensions are being made as our own brand.

Also, we have made our glue from the factory.

It took us a long time to finalise this lash tray, but like the lash tray, the glue was also revised so many times at the factory (lab), and samples were sent numerous times that it finally became a finished product.

I had to communicate with the supplier over and over again, receive samples, try them out, request minor corrections, receive new samples, feedback on them, receive the samples again...etc. It was a very tough process.

It was really hard and I almost said many times, "Oh, that's enough. That's OK".

In fact, glue feels different in a range of environments and mostly depending on the person performing the treatment, so I was a little concerned that my requests might not be conveyed any further to the factory.

The factory staff who work with me in making the glue products are very kind.

He kept encouraging me and said, "If Mai isn't 100% satisfied, you should rework it until it's something you're happy with."

Thanks to that, I was able to successfully produce something I am satisfied with this time without making any compromises.

I am still an active lash artist, so I didn't want to compromise, and I wanted to say to the people who buy and use this glue, "Our product is so good, it's so easy to use" with 100% confidence, so it took me quite a while to finish it. Finally, we were able to start selling them in April.


So after such a lengthy introduction, here's the main topic!

I'm going to introduce our Lash Glues.

We have two types of glue.

They are V-Glue and C-Glue.

This name comes from the fact that I use V-Glue mainly for volume lashes.

C-Glue is the glue I often use for classic lash.

So I named it for clarity.

It is not a volume-only glue or a classic-only glue, so you can of course use each of the two glues for either treatment.

V-Glue sets a little slower.

It depends on the environment of the treatment room, and the setting speed is usually between 1.5 and 2 seconds.

C-Glue dries a bit faster, with a setting speed of around 1 to 1.5 seconds.

If you are a beginner or if you are still a little slow with your technique, I recommend trying classic lash with V-Glue.

Both types of glue are very easy to use if I do say so myself.

As we looked at earlier, C-Glue is a quick-drying type, so you can feel the extensions sticking to your client's own lashes when you do the Classic treatment.

This means that the Classic treatment can be performed in a shorter time and at a better tempo, saving you and your client’s valuable time.

V-Glue is a slightly slower setting speed than C-Glue, as mentioned earlier - recommended for beginners and for those who are using a volume lash wrapping application.

V-Glue allows you to experience the feeling of intertwining with their own lashes.

If you have trouble finding the right feeling for wrapping, or if you have difficulty with wrapping on different days, I'd definitely recommend giving V-Glue a try.

Lastly, (stepping away from glue talk) we are now also selling L-curls and M-curls, which are a bit unique for volume lash extensions.

They are only available in mixed trays from 6mm to 12mm, but they are a very lovely shape of the L and M curl, which is my favourite curl of lash extensions these days.

I think both L and M curls are becoming more popular recently, but there are only a handful of product companies where you can buy such L and M curls, because they are not that major yet.

Even though they are called the same L and M curls by different makers, the curl feel can be quite different, so please try our L and M curls if you are interested.

Unlike C or D curls, L and M curls are curls that are a bit straight at the root and rise upwards.

Their recommended uses:

Clients with heavy eyelids.

Eyelashes that are slightly downward pointing.

Those with C- or D-curls that do not stand out when looked at from the front.

If you are a Volume lash artist and would like to try L or M lashes, please visit our online shop.

Thank you for reading my blog🥰


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