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What causes my eyelash extensions to become twisted?

The most common cause of your lash extensions to be drooped or twisted is the weight of the extensions.

The most common cause of your lash extensions to be drooped or twisted is the weight of the extensions.

If you apply extensions that are much longer or thicker than your own lashes (for either length or volume), it will cause a lot of stress on your own lashes. This stress will make your lashes difficult to support the weight of the extensions and therefore droop/twist easily.

It's important to use extensions that match your own lashes to ensure your lashes remain healthy and long-lasting. To avoid drooping or twisting, choose the extensions that are no more than 2mm longer than your own lashes, or 3mm at the most. It doesn't matter how long and voluminous your lashes are, if they start to look saggy, you won't look as beautiful and you will be damaging your own lashes at the same time.

Having a lash artist who can give you a thorough consultation and provide you with an appropriate/suitable design will be a crucial factor for you to maintain healthy and beautiful eyelashes.

Due to the Lash cycle

Lash cycle

When extensions are applied to any of the baby hairs or hairs that are still growing, those extensions tend to become unstable.

This is a very natural thing to happen, however if the extensions protrude from the outline, the design will look messy, uneven and unattractive. The best way to avoid this is to visit your lash artist for regular infills every three weeks.

Your lash artist will partially remove the excess extensions and top them up so you can have perfect lashes again.

The eyelash serum we sell at the salon, “Eyenvy” doesn't have any effect on the adhesive however as it makes your eyelashes grow faster, we may recommend using it after 2 weeks to maintain the design of your extensions.

Depending on the condition of your own eyelashes, we may advise you to use it right away :)

There is such a thing as “own twisted lashes”.


The extensions will look great right after they are attached, but as your own lashes grow, they tend to twist along with your own lashes.


If you forget to brush your lashes after showering or washing your face it will cause your lashes to be twisted and they will look very tangled.

Leaving your lashes wet causes your lashes to be pointing in different directions. Once you wash your face or have a shower using a good foaming cleanser (don't scrub or rub your eyelash extensions), you must brush your lashes with a screw brush to keep them nice and tidy.

Leaving eyeshadow and eyeliner residue on your eyelids can weaken the bonding of the glue. You need to use an oil free make up remover and wash your lashes with a good foaming cleanser.

Sleeping posture is something that is often overlooked.

If you sleep on your belly, the risk of friction between your eyes and the pillow is extremely high which causes the extensions to tip over and twist.


A few twisted eyelash extensions can happen to any person who wear eyelash extensions.

Those twisted extensions may touch your eyes or the skin around your eyes and they can be uncomfortable. I understand your urge to want to try to pick up your extensions when they are upside down or twisted, however, there is a big chance that not only the extensions but also your own eyelashes will fall out if you try to fix them. It is very important that you know how to manage if any of your extensions become upside down and protect your eyes and own eyelashes.

Very simple self-care

1. If you find twisted extensions, brush them out.

2. If they are wet, dry them immediately with cold air. A cold air blower is very useful.

If the discomfort in your eyes do not improve by following these steps - best to contact your lash salon and ask them to remove the lashes.

Lack of self-care for your lashes can make your lashes fall out easily and weaken your own lashes. Physical stimuli such as the habit of rubbing your eyes or touching your lashes often change the direction of your extensions.


We as Lash Artists, need to be aware of the following:

Appropriately selecting which lash to put on extensions is extremely crucial for us. We often get caught up on concerning about the design of lashes, meeting clients’ expectation and/or focusing too much on the number of extensions we apply rather than looking at our clients’ overall lash health.

If we apply extensions on clients’ lashes that aren’t appropriate, it could cause lashes to eventually become uneven and difficult to manage after the treatment.

It's not only the finished design, but also the condition of the client's lashes we need to take care of. Through initial counselling we will be able to suggest the design which can meet both clients’ wishes and the condition of their own eyelashes.

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