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Classic・Hybrid・Volume Lashes What is the difference between these three?

Classic (Flat) Lashes

This is a type of eyelash extension where one extension is attached to each natural lash.

(The thickness of the false lashes we mainly use is 0.1 and 0.15mm.)

The diameter of Natural eyelashes are about 0.05-0.08mm.

⭐In general, the thicker the extensions, the harder the finish, and the thinner the extensions, the softer the finish.

False lashes that are too thick for your own lashes are easy to come off and give too much damage to your own lashes.

⭐We need to choose the most suitable thickness considering various conditions.

Hybrid Lashes

⭐A mix of classics and volumes

⭐Combination of 2D-4D lash fans and classic lash (1:1) will be applied.

The false lashes are used both for classic and volume lashes.

⭐Recommended for someone who wants a little bit more fluffy look than classic lashes.

Then, for example, it can also be an option for customers who usually choose the classic set, but this time they want to make it a bit thicker or fluffier than usual.

Volume (Russian Volume) Lashes

⭐The volume lashes we use are 0.06 and 0.07mm thickness

Multiple extensions(Fan) are applied to each natural lash.

⭐The lashes are ultra-fine and soft. The weight of the false lashes is calculated to create a fuller look without weighing down the natural lashes.

Have you ever heard of a volume weight guide?

If you are a lash artist and you apply 0.07mm lashes in 2D, the weight of two 0.07mm lashes is the same as one 0.14mm lash(simply 0.07 x2)!! Isn't that what you think?

The answer is that it weighs the same as a single 0.10mm×1 lash. But we won't go into that here. In my course I will give you the detailed calculation and a table for your daily use.

If you just apply them thickly without thinking, the extensions will be too heavy for the customer's own lashes and cause damage. (I have seen many clients who has 10D or more lashes on their thin and short natural lashes from other salon...poor your natural lashes)

⭐The fan is made and applied in different ways by different artists. The hand-made volume lash technique is not easy job at all. Retention is very much dependent on the skill of the artist.

The width of the fan and the number of fans are altered according to the condition of the client's own eyelashes.

Suitable for pretty much everyone.

Client who has less lashes → We can fill in the gaps.

Client who has a lot of lashes → Glamorous full look.

How do I choose my lash extensions?


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