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Yuka's eyelash Lift practice

A friend of Yuka's who always accompanies Yuka's practice.

She started to use Eyenvy in December and her eyelashes have grown sooo much!

Lash Lift with Eyenvy user
YUKA's Work (Lash Lift)

They're not extensions, they're her own lashes!

That's amazing!😆

I knew she had bought and was using the Eyenvy, so I thought it would be good for a Lash lift model.

I asked her to help us, and I was surprised to see how long her lashes had grown.👀🌟

If your own lashes are strong, it looks great with a lash lift.

I think I'll start using Eyenvy again and get Yuka to do a Lash lift for me too!👍

Lashes are lifted
Lashes are lifted

Australia's most effective eyelash serum Eyenvy
Eyenvy available

If you would like to order an Eyenvy, please email us.

We also sell in our salon🏠

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