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Lash Competition January 2024 I take on the biggest challenge of my career as an Lash Artist!

Hello, I'm Mai from Mai Lashes Brisbane, a salon in Australia specialising in eyelash, eyebrow, and face waxing.

I've been a Lash Artist for seven years and am gearing up for a major challenge in January 2024.

London Lash Battle 2024 Lash Competition

I'm set to compete in a significant live lash competition in the UK.

This will be my first live competition since I participated in events in Brisbane in 2018 and 2019.

eyelash competition Brisbane Australia
lash competition Brisbane Australia

I've taken part in numerous online competitions, but live events are a whole different experience, requiring a different level of focus and preparation.

I've also had the honour of winning in a New York competition, which led to being featured in a lash magazine. That was an incredibly exhilarating experience for me!
New york lash competition
New york eyelash competition

The upcoming live competition in the UK poses its own set of challenges.

The upcoming live competition in the UK poses its own set of challenges.

Since I can't bring my own model, I'm thinking of reaching out to modelling agencies to find one.

It's daunting to compete with a model I've never met, not knowing their eye shape, lash growth, or if they can comfortably sleep during the process😳

The unfamiliar environment, including room temperature and humidity, and uncertainty about how well my glue will work, add to the challenge!

It might seem like I enjoy competing against others, but what I really love is testing my skills against the world's standards.

I dislike staying in my comfort zone without challenging myself.

If I don't win, it's a reminder that I still have room to grow. If I do win, it boosts my confidence and motivation🫶

Despite the hardships and moments of doubt, I love taking on these competitions. Approaching 40, this is perhaps the biggest challenge I've faced as a lash artist.

🤞Please cheer me on!


Lash Training

"I just don't know what the solution is regarding technique" or "I'm self-employed and there are limits to what I can solve on my own!"

For anyone who has ever thought "I just don't know how to solve this on my own!"

Face-to-face Lash Lift and Extensions training is available on request.

We have had award winning lash artists from our past students.

The main feature of our training is that it is tailored to the individual needs of each student, without being restricted by the boundaries of the course.

For example,

Personal mentoring with ZOOM:

We can also do courses from 1 hour on request.

Individual skill checks Face-to-Face:

From 3 hours


We do not offer training courses for beginners.

Only for experienced Lash technicians.



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