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Australian Lash Artist's Triumph: Winning First Place at Lash Competition 2024 in London

My Journey to the Lash Competition 2024 in London

World Lash Competition London

I've just returned to ✈️Brisbane from London, where I participated in the Lash Battle 2024.

👆This is a blog I wrote before participating in the competition. 

And guess what?

I won first place in Lash Lift and even received a Special Judges' Award! 🏆

Lash competition
Lash competition

I'm overwhelmed with emotion. I never imagined something like this could happen to me! Lash Battle is a renowned lash competition hosted by the famous London Lash company. This year marked its 10th edition.

The Prestigious Lash Competition

Lash competition

Esteemed Japanese lash artists, such as Akemi from Perfect Lash and Airi Izumi from Aile Lash, have previously participated, setting high standards in the industry. Airi's journey was particularly inspiring; she didn't place in her first attempt but returned the following year to win multiple trophies. Their resilience is admirable.

My Experience in the Lash Competition

Lash competition

As for this competition, it draws top-tier talent from all over the world to London🇬🇧

This year, I finally joined them in my seventh year as a Lash Artist.

I decided to participate just six weeks before the event, dedicating my time to practicing 3D Volume Lashes and Lash Lift techniques. Despite some anxiety about my 3D Volume Lashes application time, I left my salon in the capable hands of my staff and partner and set off for a four-night trip to London.

At the lash competition, here were hardly any Asian participants😳

The majority were Europeans with striking, sculpted features - all incredibly beautiful, like top models✨ Among the 80 or 90 competitors, I think there were fewer than five Asians, including myself.

This year's competition didn't have level divisions and included categories like Lift, Classic, 2D, 3D, and 4D&5D, with a maximum of two categories per participant.

I entered the 3D Volume Lash category in the morning, Lash Lift category in the afternoon.

The Lift competition in the afternoon went well, using the full 1.5 hours for Lash Lift and Tint.

Post-treatment, models were evaluated by judges. We competitors waited until the evening for the results.

The models were judged in a separate room.
The models were judged in a separate room.

In the competition, I felt humbled by the sheer talent and realised how much more I have to learn.

When my name wasn't called for the first two places in Lash Lift, I messaged my partner, feeling a bit down.

But then, to my surprise, I won first place!

It was a mix of joy and relief, knowing that the investment wasn't in vain😅

Lash competitions The Award Winners
The Award Winners

Being a Lash Artist for seven years has connected me with lash enthusiasts worldwide🌏

Lash Lift competition

👆Amazingly, it was featured on the official blog.

It's an extensive, profound, and fascinating field. Competing internationally has shown me the importance of not settling and continually challenging my skills💫

Please check out the cool competition reels on our salon's Instagram!


"I just don't know what the solution is regarding technique" 


"I'm self-employed and there are limits to what I can solve on my own!" 

For anyone who has ever thought "I just don't know how to solve this on my own!"

Lash Training

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We have had award winning lash artists from our past students.

The main feature of our training is that it is tailored to the individual needs of each student, without being restricted by the boundaries of the course.

For example,

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We do not offer training courses for beginners.

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