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Wedding Lash Extensions: three must-read pointers from a Lash expert

Updated: May 20

Wedding eyelash prep


Wedding eyelash prep lashes

Weddings are a major event in life! 

As such, it’s only natural for brides to engage in various beauty preparations to shine their brightest on this special day. 

One popular beauty option chosen by many brides is eyelash extensions, which instantly make the eyes look more glamorous.

Our salon welcomes numerous clients seeking eyelash extensions for their weddings.

However, there’s a common issue we often encounter during this process... 

When choosing eyelash extensions for their wedding, brides tend to overlook the importance of a "trial treatment," maintaining the best condition of their natural lashes, and preparing for potential allergies. 

All these points are crucial for looking your best on the big day.

In this article, based on our salon's experience, we will address common concerns regarding eyelash extension preparations before the wedding and offer advice on how to smartly avoid these issues. Let's introduce some tips for preparing your eyelash extensions so that you are ready to shine on your wedding day!


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Important Points for Wedding Lash Extensions Preparation

結婚式 マツエク メイク 準備

Point 1: Trial application is a must! Don't choose your wedding day as your first experience!

When choosing lash extensions for your wedding, quite a few people say, "I'm hoping to get the perfect set from my very first visit!"

This is actually a moment to pause and consider for us.

Lash extensions are no longer just an accessory. Lash extension techniques have truly advanced, offering a wide variety of designs that can be tailored to your eyes.

Just like how trying on makeup and outfits is essential, a trial application for lash extensions is necessary too for the big day. By experiencing lash extensions on a trial basis, we can find the perfect bespoke design for you. When you visit the salon, try to bring a clear image of the style or design you desire and discuss your expected results with your lash artist.

If possible, bringing photos of your wedding dress and hairstyle can also make it easier for them to offer more specific advice.

Point 2: The health of your natural lashes is crucial !

For eyelash extensions to look their best, the health of your natural lashes is extremely important. 

Especially for weddings, many opt for a slightly denser design than usual. For this, it's crucial that your natural lashes can support the weight of these extensions.

It's not uncommon for clients to come in with damaged natural lashes.

If the natural lashes were healthy, one could opt for more extensions, achieving a more natural, fluffy, and luxurious finish. 

So, how can you keep your natural lashes healthy? 

Using eyelash serum regularly for care, removing makeup with a gentle remover to avoid friction, and maintaining a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals are key points.


Each of these is introduced in detail in our blog.


Point 3: Allergy precautions !

If you're considering eyelash extensions before your wedding, one crucial aspect to pay attention to is the risk of an allergic reaction to the glue. 

This is especially important if you're thinking, "I want to try eyelash extensions for the first time in my life for my wedding."

 Allergic reactions often don't appear immediately after the procedure but can manifest the following day. Symptoms such as red eyes or itchiness can be problematic, especially if they occur right before your wedding day! 

But there's no need to worry! 

Simply trying out extensions beforehand or conducting a patch test before getting your wedding eyelash extensions can make a big difference. This single step is critical, ensuring you can enjoy your eyelash extensions with peace of mind as it helps to check for any allergic reactions in advance.

Supplement: Key Points for Wedding Lash Extension Preparation

つけまつげ 結婚式 準備

In preparing for wedding eyelash extensions, it’s noteworthy that among makeup artists in Australia, some prefer false eyelashes over eyelash extensions.

The temporary nature of false eyelashes and their versatility for styling according to the event make them particularly valued for special occasions like weddings.

Reasons for choosing false eyelashes include:

  1. Flexibility: With a variety of lengths and thicknesses to choose from, you can easily create the perfect design for the event.

  2. Easy to remove: They can be quickly taken off after the event, making them ideal for a temporary style.

  3. Cost-effective: For a one-time event, they are an economical choice.

It's important to discuss with your makeup artist

When relying on a professional makeup artist for your wedding, it’s recommended to consult with them about your lash styling in advance. 

Depending on the overall makeup balance, the artist might suggest false eyelashes instead of extensions. Therefore, when planning your wedding makeup, discussing eyelash styling options with your makeup artist is crucial.

On such an important day as your wedding, choosing the perfect lash style to enhance your overall beauty is essential. While eyelash extensions are a popular choice, including false eyelashes as an option can broaden your styling possibilities.

【Summary】: Wedding Lash Extensions: three must-read pointers from a Lash expert

blog conclusion

As the wedding day approaches, it's natural for every bride to want to look their best.

One way to enhance your beauty is through the allure of perfectly applied eyelash extensions. However, achieving a beautiful finish requires more than just a visit to the salon - appropriate preparation and planning are key.

When choosing eyelash extensions for your wedding, remember three important points: the significance of a trial run, the health of your natural lashes, and precautions against allergies.

Keep these objectives in mind as you prepare, paying attention to every detail to ensure you look and feel fantastic on your special day.

We wish you the best for the wedding of your dreams🩷

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