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Here's a collection of actual customer questions we've had recently.

Here's a collection of actual customer questions we've had recently.


If I apply eyelash serum and my own eyelashes become thicker, will my eyelashes stay thicker?


No, your lashes will ultimately fall out. It's natural.

Your eyelashes undergo a lash cycle and they grow back in about 3 to 4 months. The Serum helps to support the growth and strength of the lashes, so the cycle can continue a little longer, but they won’t stay intact. Furthermore, when they grow back as your baby's lashes, they will be your own. This is why continued use of the serum will help ensure that your lashes remain strong and sustainable.


Is it possible that only the eyelash extensions fall out? (I know that they fall off together with your own eyelashes when they grow back)


Yes, it does happen.

The retention of the adhesive depends on various environmental factors. There are an infinite number of such environmental factors that we can't say for sure what the cause is! It's hard to identify the exact reason, but it's possible that the glue may not be sticking properly and the extensions will eventually fall out.


I don't usually wear makeup at all. Do I need to wash my face with a foam cleanser?


Yes, it is necessary!

Some people don't wash around their eye area after getting eyelash extensions because they think they shouldn't touch them, but that's not true. Sebum and dirt can build up and cause skin diseases and harbour eyelash mites, which will weaken your own eyelashes later on. So it’s vital to keep the eye area clean.

You wash your hair every day even though you don't use hair wax, don’t you? It's the same concept.


I want to use mascara because the volume of my eyelash extensions eventually decreases after about a month, is that OK?


Basically, we would like you to avoid using mascara when you have eyelash extensions.

The reason for this is that even if you think you've done your best to remove the mascara, there is still some residue. Regular infills every 3 weeks will ensure you always have gorgeous lashes.



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