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What if my eyelash extensions fall out right after application?

At our salon, we will inform you of the reasons your extensions may be falling out a few days after your appointment.

To start off, it would be heartbreaking to see lashes falling out within a few days and this may be due to your daily facial care routine at home. For instance, applying cream before your appointment at the salon. (So bookmark this blog page so that you can refer back to it later!)

fall off with extensions + natural lash
extensions + natural lash

Additionally, once you have noticed some extension lashes have fallen out, check whether they had been attached to your natural lashes or they had come off on their own.

If you notice that the extension lash has fallen off while attached to your natural lash, this is of no real concern as it’s part of your natural lash cycle.

From a technical perspective, we lash artists aim to apply extension lashes during the natural lashes’ middle to late growth cycle. This period is crucial because it provides optimal conditions for the overall stability of the eyelashes.

Natural lashes before mid-growth are still in the growing stages, so they grow faster. That is, if you add extensions to them at that point, they tend to twist and may feel uncomfortable.

If you apply your lashes from the degenerative (Catagen) to resting (Telogen) phase, it will come off immediately due to the lash cycle. So how does one distinguish between the degenerative phase and resting phase of a lash cycle? When you look closely at the lash root, they will appear to be a little whitish. In this case, we lash artists will avoid attaching our extension lashes during these phases as much as possible.

With practice and experience, eyelash practitioners will gradually understand more of how your own lashes work, and provide you with the best outcome for both your extension lashes and natural lashes.

Also, if you’ve recently had extensions and some of them fell off only lash extensions within a few days, it’s important to inform this to your lash artist. Arising issues may be a result of a combination of various factors, such as immature techniques, incompatibility of adhesive and type of extension lash, the weather and humidity, as well as oil and water that may be present in the client’s eyelashes. For this reason, lash artists need to be well-informed and inquisitive.

If you have had a recent eyelash extension application within a week, we will fix it! Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we are prepared to provide you the best outcome for your eyelashes.


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