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A reminder to improve the retention of your eyelash extensions👀

It's been very dry lately.

A lot of people come to get their eyelash extensions with oily creams and milky lotions around their eyes.😨😨😨😨

And I'm in a lot of trouble!

The problem is that if the cream gets on your own lashes, it will repel the glue.

So it won't last as long!

No matter how many times I wipe it with a primer or shampoo it, I can't get rid of it.

Changing glues doesn't help.

Even if I apply the glue properly and adjust the humidity perfectly, when I touch the lashes with a tweezer, the false lashes just fall off.

Recently, I can tell if something is sticking to the lashes, but in the past, I couldn't tell at all. Is the glue deteriorating? I used to panic, " How come it's coming off?😱

But now I intuitively feel that something is wrong, so I check with the customer.

"Oh! I've washed my face and put cream on it!

Yes, that's right.😅

I'm sure we all go through the same routine of applying oil or milky lotion to our faces.

Especially nowadays, it is very dry and many people apply thick creams.


It's really no good. If you want long lasting extensions, please come without anything around your eyes.

No make-up residue or eye shadow lamé.

We ask you to come without any foundation or blusher.

I don't even put milky lotion around my eyes from the night before I go for lash extensions.

So if you feel that your extensions are not lasting long enough, please take care of that too.

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