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What is a Lash Lift? A thorough explanation of the disadvantages and more🧐

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

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What is a Lash Lift?

lash lift
lash lift

A Lash Lift is a technique that uses a chemical solution to curl the lashes and the curl is maintained for approximately 6-8 weeks (duration may vary from person to person).

The Lash Lift treatment eliminates the daily task of lifting the lashes with an eyelash curler, whilst preventing the breakage of the lashes due to the harsh everyday use of the eyelash curler.

Some say that receiving the Lash Lift treatment once a month is less stressful on the lashes considering the damage caused by the chemicals, rather than the daily strain of using the curler.

Currently, the popularity of having a Lash Lift is growing rapidly.

More and more people are undergoing eyelash growth to keep their own eyelashes healthy, and then undertaking a Lash Lift to give their eyes a more natural look than with lash extensions. With this method, those with a Lash Lift can enjoy wearing everyday make-up and other fashionable eye trends to suit one’s occasion.

The fact that it is relatively more affordable than eyelash extensions may also be a reason why it is attracting so much attention.

Treatment Time

Lash Lift treatment time
Lash Lift treatment time

The treatment time is also shorter than the time taken for eyelash extensions. The average duration for a Lash Lift is approximately 40 minutes - depending on the hardness of your lashes and how effective the lifting solution is. More or less, while it can take 1 hour from the time you enter the salon to getting your Lash Lift service performed, the average treatment time for one’s eyelash extension can last over an hour. Thus, the time duration of the Lash List is shorter than the extensions.


Lash Lift Procedure
Lash Lift Procedure

The procedure and treatment methods are similar to that of a hair perm. There is also a wide range of ‘rods’ and ‘lifting products’ used in eyelash lifts. In the past, it was thought that ‘a Lash Lift = damaged eyelashes’; but currently, having a Lash Lift is less likely to damage your own eyelashes while also providing good lasting results. Aftercare products have also been developed and you can purchase salon-specific merchandise for daily maintenance at your local salon.


Benefits of Lash Lift:

  • Saves time and effort in curling lashes with an eyelash curler during daily make-up

  • The curl does not come off with sweat or water

  • Because the natural eyelashes are raised firmly from the root, they remain a natural image while still looking full

  • Cleanses the eye area properly

  • Easy to apply make-up such as eyeliner.

Who is it suitable for Lash Lift?

For those who have lashes that fall out quickly even after using an eyelash curler.

Those with firm eyelashes.

Eyelashes that tend to grow downwards.

Those who cannot ensure maintenance as often as with eyelash extensions (The timing for reapplication is approximately one and a half months *individual differences apply).

When eyelashes are full and firm therefore not requiring extensions.


Disadvantages of Lash Lift

Unlike lash extensions, Lash Lifts do not add thickness or length. In other words, it is impossible to add more length or thickness than your own eyelashes.

As this technique lifts the natural eyelashes, it is not suitable for people with short eyelashes.

If the lashes have a strong growth pattern, the direction of the lashes may become uneven as the lashes grow.

It also doesn’t produce the eyeliner effect.

In Lash Lifts, your own eyelashes are damaged to a small extent by the solution. Compared to using an eyelash curler every day and scrubbing off eye make-up with a cleanser, a Lash Lift is less demanding on your own eyelashes. Nevertheless, the disadvantage of having a Lash Lift is that they do not cause zero damage.

Depending on the individual hair cycle and the quality of the lashes, a Lash Lift lasts approximately 6-8 weeks. Many salons recommend allowing at least 6-8 weeks for reapplication. Considering the damage a Lash Lift can do to the lashes, it is necessary to allow a certain amount of time before the next treatment.

Who is it not suitable for Lash Lift?

Those with extremely damaged, thin or short eyelashes.

Those with heavy eyelids, where the eyelids sit on the hairline and the lashes are covered by the eyelids.


A part of our rod correction
A part of our rod correction

Its standard design provides a straight centre to create a natural fan shape that follows the shape of the eye.

It can also be constructed to create a cat-eye look by curling the lashes towards the outer corner of the eye to create a width effect.

The design can also be changed depending on the way the eyelashes are wrapped around the rod.

Lasting Period

Approx. 6-8 weeks.

This is only a guide. It depends on the condition of your lashes, their growth pattern, and the lash cycle.

If the hair growth direction is downwards, the curl may fall out earlier.

Ultimately, the lash cycle varies with the individual.


It depends on the salon; however, every 6-8 weeks is recommended.

It is not advised to reapply within a month as this may damage your lashes or cause some problems, such as a Lash Lift being raised too high.

Can I use Mascara after the Lash Lift?

Can I use Mascara after the Lash Lift?
Can I use Mascara after the Lash Lift?

There is no problem with using mascara.

However, if you scrub it off with your cleansing wash, it will lose its curl more quickly and is harmful to both your eyes and your lashes.

We recommend using a mascara that can be easily removed with warm water.

On the day of the eyelash lift, the curl is not yet set and is likely to come undone, so it is strongly advised not to touch the lashes for 24 hours after the procedure.


Which damages more: Extensions or Lash Lifts?

It is difficult to say which is more damaging, as the type of glue and lifting solution used in the salon will also affect the lashes differently.

Recently, lifting solutions have been improved and contain much less stressful ingredients. Compared to classic lashes, volume lashes (which use ultra-fine artificial lashes) are lighter and less demanding on your own lashes, and there are also techniques to achieve a fuller look.

However, whether it would be a Lash Lift or an Eyelash Extension, both lash procedures inevitably put a strain on your own lashes.

As eyelash maintenance is a monthly process, it is still possible that your own lashes may become thinner or fall out more easily.

Therefore, even with both lash procedures, it is essential to look after your own eyelashes at home by using eyelash serums and other products designed to take care of them!

Care Instructions

The most important point is to avoid getting them wet in the first 24 hours.

After the treatment, avoid rubbing the eyes or touching your lashes as much as possible.

Immediately after becoming wet, gently wipe off the water and brush your lashes.

A Lash Lift is only as good as the health of your own lashes! The condition of your natural lashes determines the result of the treatment and how long it lasts.

This is where eyelash serums can be relied on.

It is no longer an exaggeration to say that such serums are a 'must' after getting your Lash Lift.

Keep your lashes healthy with daily home care using an eyelash serum and take good care of your damaged lashes after an eyelash lift!

What is Tinting?

Eyelash tinting is a procedure that dyes the lashes to make them appear darker.

If you have naturally light or blonde lashes, you will definitely see the most dramatic difference in a lash tint.

If you have naturally dark lashes, you may not see a super big difference.

Tinting will only make them a little darker and a little fuller, but not a huge difference. However, the tips of the lashes are a little lighter, so the tint makes them look a little longer and thicker.

lash lift tint

Lash Lift Tint

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