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Lash lift and extensions features

Which one is suitable for you?

Lash Lift

  1. Your own lashes are lifted with a lifting lotion to hold the curl for a period of time.

  2. The silicone lash lift rods is chosen according to the length of the client's lashes and the shape of the eyes.

  3. We have a lot of different rods to choose from.

Suitable for

・Clients who has long & thick eyelashes

Especially if you have very long lashes and a lot of lashes, a lash lift will make your lashes look like you put on the lash extensions.

・e.g.) Busy Mums

  • It will last around 6 weeks

  • No need for maintenance visits often.

  • Easy to wash your face

  • Low maintenance compared to lash extensions

Our silicone lash lift rods

Lash extensions

  1. False lashes are attached to your own lashes using an adhesive.

  2. It is possible to create fuller lashes even if you have short/thin lashes (depending on the menu).

  3. The false lashes are attached to your own lashes, so unlike a lift, you can make a big difference to your eyes.

Suitable for

・Clients who want to save time on your eye make-up.

  • High maintenance required

  • Last around 4 weeks

  • A few lashes will fall off every day with your own lashes ( this is normal due to the lash cycle)

Once you wear it, you will be addicted to it because it makes you look like you are wearing eye make-up even without any makeup on(You wake up with fluffy lash).

NOT Suitable for

Not suitable for people who wash their face roughly or who rub or touch their eyes frequently.

If you are going to have lash lifts or extensions on a regular basis, we recommend that you use an eyelash serum to treat your own lashes.

Healthy lashes are the key to a beautiful lash lift and extensions.

lash lift with lash serum Eyenvy

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