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A year ago today our lash artist Yuka started her lash artist journey.


Due to COVID19 impacting her work, she was forced to look for something new as her career. She came through our lash course and I remember precisely “wow such a tiny girl!“ was my impression of her when I first met Yuka 😆💕

Throughout the course I got to witness her strong work ethic and her eager to becoming better, I knew she’d make an amazing lash artist and I wanted her on my team.

Yuka faced multiple obstacles at the beginning. Applying lashes perfectly without taking too much time, finding herself into a comfortable routine for an effective service….and the list goes on. Working efficiently is one of the crucial yet difficult skill to master as a lash artist. Client consulting as well as cleaning/removing/applying lashes must all be completed within an allocated timeframe and it can take long time for us artists to master this skill.

All those tough months have passed and now exactly 12months later, she has been crowned as a multi award winning junior lash artist!! 🏆

Congratulations to Yuka for this amazing achievement and for finishing her first year of the lash artist journey on a high👏 I’m grateful to have seen you improve so much over the last year. I truly enjoyed my journey working with you and I look forward to seeing you grow into an excellent lash artist in near future. I’m so excited to see what’s ahead for us 😊

Lastly, big thank you goes to our lovely clients who has been supporting our small business. We are so lucky to be surrounded by kind and supportive clients like you all, thank you so much💖

Mai Lashes Brisbane team






1年目終了&トロフィーゲットおめでとう👏You deserve it! 💕


Yuka's Lash journey
Yuka's Lash journey


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