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The answer to Why is Mai's eyelash extensions so soft?

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Ms. T who came back from another salon.

"She asked me "What is the material that Mai uses?" I was asked.

What does she want to know? The material? Or mink or sable?

"The material is PBT, but... do you mean mink or silk or something like that?" The eyelash extensions that are on the market these days are made of a material called PBT.There's no such thing as using mink hair because it's called mink, so if you're a lash artist who doesn't know, please learn.

(In fact, some Lash Factories sell real mink hair though...)

She said,

"I was wondering why the texture was so different from the other salon I went to before.

Mai's is so soft, isn't it?"

We are using false mink lashes, so they are not as soft as Japanese false sable lashes. But it's quite normal. I think it's a very standard type of lash industry in Australia.

So why does Ms T say our lash extensions are soft?

That's the skill of the lash artist.😉👍

First of all, there are many reasons why a customer may find their lashes hard or uncomfortable.

The first thing I thought when I saw Ms T's lashes at another salon was

"The extensions they use are too thick."

"Too much adhesive."

"Too much adhesive dipping area".

"The adhesive looks like has been used for a long time".

As soon as I saw it, I thought, "Oh, this is going to feel heavy and uncomfortable".

She likes her lashes to look natural, so I thought it would be a bad idea to use the thickness of her current false lashes. In the previous salon, the thickness of her lashes was too thick.

Considering the thickness of her own lashes.

In this case, The amount of adhesive we put on the extensions is the key to making the customer think, "These extensions are so light! I don't feel like I'm wearing extensions!

The more adhesive applied, it feels harder.

If you give a first time client the impression that extensions are hard, uncomfortable and heavy, they will stay away from lash extensions.

Some lash artists use a lot of adhesive for fear of poor retention, but it's not just the amount of glue that counts.

It's also important to always use fresh adhesive.

You probably need a new adhesive every 20 minutes or so.

If you forget to do this and keep using the same glue for a long time, the glue will become sticky and the result will be poor.

It also makes the extensions look overly heavy and stiff.

 Nice and Fresh adhesive
Nice and Fresh adhesive
Adhesives that have deteriorated and become more viscous. Must change to a new adhesive
Adhesives that have deteriorated and become more viscous. Must change to a new adhesive

On the other hand, people who does a very fast job tend to use too little adhesive to get the job done quickly.

If you use too little adhesive, it won't stick to the lashes next to it and you won't have to hold your hand for a few seconds for the adhesive to set, so you can apply it quickly.

I've actually been to a salon where the process was super quick, but the extensions started to fall out after a few days and after two weeks they were all gone.

It's really painful when you pay for something and it comes off in a fortnight...😥

Eyelash extensions are just attached with adhesive, right?

There are some people who think that eyelash extensions are just a simple job, but I think it's a job that requires a lot of experience if you want to satisfy your customers.

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