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Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

Updated: Mar 21

Do eyelashes grow back?


Eyelashes are not just a hallmark of beauty, they also play a crucial role in protecting the eyes from dust and sweat. Yet, many of us have faced the distressing experience of losing a few lashes, prompting the anxious question: Do my eyelashes grow back?

In this post, we dive into the science behind eyelash growth, explore factors that influence it, and share effective strategies and natural eyelash regrowth tips to help you speed up the regrowth of your lashes. Whether you're concerned about lashes that seem to take forever to grow back or are simply curious about the natural cycle of eyelash growth, we've got you covered below.💁‍♀️


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The Eyelash Growth Cycle

Infographic on the eyelash growth cycle

Eyelashes, similar to scalp hair, follow their own distinctive growth cycle. 

This cycle is divided into three phases: the anagen phase, the catagen phase and the telogen phase.

Understanding these phases is key to understanding how our eyelashes grow back.

Let's delve into the eyelash growth cycle in detail:

Growth Phase (Anagen)

  • Duration: The general growth phase of eyelashes lasts about 30 to 45 days.

  • Process: During this stage, eyelashes grow actively from the root, and the hair follicles are busy dividing cells to produce new hairs.

  • Characteristic: It's believed that about 40% of eyelashes are in this growth phase at any given time.

Regressive Phase (Catagen)

  • Duration: Lasts approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

  • Process: In this short transitional period, the growth of eyelashes stops and the hair follicles shrink.

  • Characteristic: During this phase, eyelashes are preparing to shed. Excessive treatments around the eyes performed this time can impact the natural eyelash cycle.

Resting Phase (Telogen)

  • Duration: Lasts about 3 to 4 months.

  • Process: Over this period, eyelashes are in a complete state of rest and eventually fall out naturally.

  • Characteristic: At the end of this phase, new eyelashes begin to grow, and the old ones shed, starting the cycle anew.

Factors That Affect Eyelash Growth

lash growth

Eyelash growth can be influenced by a variety of factors, ranging from genetics to lifestyle habits. Understanding such factors can help in managing expectations regarding eyelash growth and in taking steps to promote healthy lashes, offering insights into natural eyelash regrowth tips and how to speed up eyelash growth effectively.

Natural Factors

  • Age: As we age, hair growth slows down, including the growth of eyelashes. This can result in thinner, shorter lashes over time.

  • Genetics: Just as with the hair on your head, your genes play a significant role in determining the thickness, length, and colour of your eyelashes.

External Factors

  • Make-up: Leaving mascara or eyeliner on your lashes without washing it off properly and leaving them in unhygienic conditions (or the opposite - rubbing them too much when washing your face), can cause them to break or fall out.

  • Lash treatments: Eyelash extensions, tinting and curling, if done excessively or inappropriately, can weaken lashes and lead to increased hair loss.

  • Environmental Exposure: Constant exposure to sun, wind, or dry air can affect the health of your lashes, just as it does with your skin and scalp hair.

Impact of Hormonal Balance

Hormonal balance can significantly affects eyelash growth. For example, changes in hormone levels due to thyroid abnormalities or menopause can shorten the eyelash growth cycle or accelerate eyelash shedding. A healthy diet and proper nutrition are effective in regulating hormonal balance and supporting eyelash health. 

*It is important to understand that while this information aims to provide general guidance on eyelash health, it should not be taken as medical advice. 

If you have concerns about your hormonal health or its impact on your eyelashes, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional or a dermatologist. Understanding the eyelash growth cycle helps us provide better care and advice to our clients, but individual conditions vary and professional consultation is key.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

The simple answer is yes,🙌

eyelashes do grow back. However, the time it takes for eyelashes to grow back can vary depending on several factors, including the phase of the growth cycle when they were lost as well as individual health and lifestyle factors.

On average, eyelashes can take about 4 to 10 weeks to grow back. It's important to note that this timeline can be influenced by the factors discussed above.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to "Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

Q) Will my eyelashes grow back if I accidentally burn them?

A) If it's just the eyelashes that are burned, there's no need to worry.

Eyelashes have the potential to regrow with proper care, depending on the situation. What's crucial is that the skin and hair follicles in the burned area haven't suffered serious damage. To aid the regrowth of your eyelashes, it's important to maintain a nutritious diet and avoid putting stress on your lashes. Avoid any friction or pulling, and treat your lashes as gently as possible.

Q) Will eyelashes grow back if pulled out from the root?

A) Eyelashes are likely to regrow even if they are pulled out from the root, provided that the hair follicle isn't damaged.

The eyelash growth cycle lasts about 4 to 10 weeks (up to 12 weeks for some people), and it might take longer for the pulled-out area to fully recover. However, frequently pulling out eyelashes can damage the hair follicles, ultimately inhibiting eyelash growth. If you have a habit of pulling out your lashes, it's important to stop this behaviour and take proper care to protect the health of your eyelashes.

If your eyelashes do get pulled out, it's recommended to wait for them to naturally recover and consult a specialist if necessary.

Q) At what age do eyelashes stop growing?

A) Generally, eyelash growth does not stop due to aging.

However, as we age, the hair follicles may slow down in producing new eyelashes, and the lashes may become thinner and shorter.

Eyelash growth varies from person to person, influenced by genetics and hormonal factors. Health conditions, medications used, and various other conditions can also affect eyelash growth, but eyelashes continue to renew even in your 50s and 60s.

Tips for Promoting Healthy Eyelash Growth

how to speed up eyelash growth

Proper Eyelash Care and Hygiene

  • Gentle Makeup Removal: Use a gentle eye makeup remover and avoid rubbing or pulling on your lashes.

  • Clean Your Lash Line: Keeping your Lash Line clean can prevent blockages of the hair follicles, promoting healthy growth.

Role of Supplements

Close-up of healthy, long eyelashes,role of supplements

  • Nutritional supplementation is also beneficial for eyelash health support.

  • Nutrients like Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E, and Omega-3 fatty acids support lash growth and strength.

  • These supplements aid in protein synthesis in the body, maintaining and improving hair health.

  • When combined with a healthy diet, supplements contribute not only to lash health but also to overall well-being.

Choosing quality and safe supplements, and taking them in the right amounts is important. Consulting with a doctor or nutrition expert before use is recommended, especially for clients with existing health conditions or illnesses.

Products That Can Help or Hinder Eyelash Growth

Image of a person applying eyelash growth serum

  • Eyelash serums: Some eyelash serums are designed to support growth. Before buying, look for products with solid ingredients and make sure they do not contain substances you are allergic to.

  • Avoid harmful treatments: Eyelash extensions that are too heavy for your own lashes and waterproof mascara, which require harsh removers, may contribute to eyelash loss.

Effectiveness of Eyelash Serums

Effectiveness of Eyelash Serums

  • Eyelash serums help promote growth, making lashes thicker, longer, and stronger.

  • They typically contain biotin, peptides, natural plant extracts, and vitamins. These ingredients support lash nutrition and health.

  • Used daily, eyelash serums can offer maximum benefits.

【Conclusion】Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

Having eyelashes fall out can be a daunting experience, but as long as the follicles are active, the eyelashes will grow back.

By understanding the eyelash growth cycle and the factors that affect it, you can take steps to promote healthy growth.

Remember that patience and gentle care are your best allies in restoring your beautiful, healthy eyelashes.


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