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Discover Hybrid Lashes: The Perfect Blend of the Natural Look and Volume

Updated: May 25

Discover Hybrid Lashes


Hello everyone! Today, we're diving into the world of "Hybrid Lashes."

Here in Australia, "Hybrid Lashes'' are a popular choice on the menu of eyelash extensions. Some of you might already be familiar with them, but in this blog, we'll dig a little deeper into the techniques and reasons behind their growing popularity, so please stay with us till the end!


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What are Hybrid Lashes?

【Summary】Discover Hybrid Lashes: The Perfect Blend of the Natural Look and Volume

Hybrid Lashes bring together the best of both worlds: the simplicity of Classic Lashes, where one extension is attached to each natural eyelash, and the fullness of Volume Lashes, where multiple thin extensions are fanned out and attached to a single natural eyelash.

This method allows for a natural design while adding volume to the eye area.

▷Next, let’s look at how they are applied and what benefits they offer!

The Basics of Hybrid Lashes: A Combination of Volume Lashes and Classic Lashes

【Summary】Discover Hybrid Lashes: The Perfect Blend of the Natural Look and Volumeッドラッシュではこれらの二つの技術を組み合わせることにより、自然なデザインの中にも目元の印象を強調するボリューム感をプラスすることができるので、特にまつ毛がまばらな部分がある方や、ナチュラルだけど目元に印象を与えたい方にぴったりです。

Hybrid Lashes offer the natural look of Classic Lashes with the luxurious, fluffy appearance of Volume Lashes.

It literally involves adjusting the ratio of Classic to Volume Lashes based on the client's preferences and the salon's menu, attaching both single and multiple extensions to your natural eyelashes.

The main allure is the ability to maintain a natural look while subtly enhancing volume, perfect for those who want to intensify their eyes without overtly showing they have extensions.

Why Choose Hybrid Lashes?

The reasons for choosing Hybrid Lashes lie in their balanced aesthetics and customizability. By applying the optimal number of extensions to each natural lash, you can maintain a natural look while adding a touch of volume.

For those who find Classic too sparse but still want a natural appearance, Volume techniques can fill any gaps with fan-shaped extensions.

Additionally, the thickness of extensions used in Classic Lashes (about 0.12-0.15mm) compared to Volume Lashes (about 0.06-0.07mm) means that healthier natural lashes are necessary to support them, as heavier extensions can cause twisting and stress on the roots.

Classic Lashes offer a clear, defined look;
Volume Lashes provide a soft, fluffy appearance;
Hybrid Lashes offer the best of both worlds, looking lush yet distinct.

Hybrid lashes are versatile enough for everyday and special events.

Retention and Care of Hybrid Lashes

【Summary】Discover Hybrid Lashes: The Perfect Blend of the Natural Look and Volume

Maintaining Hybrid Lashes involves the same care as Classic and Volume Lashes. While no special treatment is needed specifically for Hybrid Lashes, proper general care is essential to keep them looking beautiful and lasting longer.

Hybrid Lash retention and costs

Maintaining Hybrid Lashes is as straightforward as caring for Classic and Volume Lashes. While no special care is needed just because they are Hybrid, proper general care is important to prolong their beauty.

With high-quality application and proper home care, Hybrid Lashes can retain their beauty for about 4 to 5 weeks.

Lifespan and Cost of Hybrid Lashes

Their initial cost might be higher than Classic Lashes, but the satisfaction from their natural and voluminous appearance makes them a worthwhile investment.

Regular infills (touch-ups) are usually needed every 3 to 4 weeks, and the cost and frequency depend on the salon and location.

Frequency of Maintenance and Professional Advice

Your Hybrid Lashes will last longer if you follow professional advice and perform regular maintenance.

Regular professional care helps maintain the health of your lashes, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your eyelash extensions for an extended period.

The frequency of infills depends on the cycle set by the salon and the individual lash growth cycle. Generally, maintenance is recommended every three to four weeks. During these appointments, the lash artist will remove your outgrown lashes and add new extensions to ensure a fresh look at all times.

These touch-ups are essential for maintaining beautiful lashes, as professional lash artists check the condition of your lashes and make minor adjustments as necessary.

Proper care is important for beautiful, long-lasting eyelash extensions!

For specific instructions,👉 please read this blog👈

Avoiding Problems

【Summary】Discover Hybrid Lashes: The Perfect Blend of the Natural Look and Volume

When getting lash extensions, not just hybrid lashes, having the right information and taking proper precautions can prevent common issues.

Pre-Check for Allergies with a Patch Test

When getting lash extensions for the first time, checking for allergies to the products used in the procedure is important. We recommend requesting a patch test at the salon to ensure there are no adverse reactions. Additionally, if you have any known allergies, be sure to inform your technician.

Hidden Pitfalls

In Australian salons, eye patches are commonly used to protect the lower lashes. The part of the eye patch that touches the skin often contains latex, so those with latex allergies should avoid using them.

At Mai Lashes Brisbane, we offer YU-KI Ban™ and surgical tape as alternatives, ensuring that even clients with latex allergies can receive treatments with confidence.

Mai Lashes Brisbane has a range of YU-KI Ban™ and surgical tape, so even those with latex allergies can undergo the procedure with confidence.


A must, especially if you are considering Lashes before a wedding or special event.👇


Post-Treatment Issues and Their Solutions

If you experience redness, itching, or swelling around your eyes after the treatment, avoid self-diagnosis and seek an appropriate medical consultation.

Additionally, report these symptoms to the salon so they can identify any potential allergens that may have caused the reaction.

SummaryDiscover Hybrid Lashes: The Perfect Blend of the Natural Look and Volume

【Summary】Discover Hybrid Lashes: The Perfect Blend of the Natural Look and Volume

Hybrid Lashes are a captivating lash technique that blends the best of both worlds: a natural look and glamorous volume.

Classic lash extensions involve attaching a single extension to each natural lash, while Volume Lashes involve attaching multiple thin extensions to a single natural lash, creating a fluffy and voluminous look.

Hybrid Lashes combine these two techniques, adding volume to a natural design, making them perfect for those with sparse lashes or those who want a natural yet impactful look.

With proper home care, Hybrid Lashes can maintain their beautiful state for about 4 to 5 weeks after treatment. Regular maintenance (infills) every 3 to 4 weeks is common. During these touch-ups, extensions attached to newly grown natural lashes are removed and replaced, ensuring a consistently neat appearance.

Hybrid Lashes are highly customisable due to the adjustable ratio of classic to volume lashes, making them a popular choice for everyday wear as well as special events.

Why not consider hybrid lashes for your next lash extension appointment?


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