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Can you brush your lash extensions 3 weeks later without getting stuck?

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Lash Brush

We provide our customers with a brush after the treatment in our salon. If you wear extensions regularly, you probably already know that brushing your extensions a few times a day is essential to keep them fluffy and in a good position.

Of course, the technique of the lash artist is important to keep the extensions looking good, but your daily self-care for your lashes is also very important.

I've written about self-care in a previous blog, so please refer to that blog.


Lash Technique

This time, I'd like to write a few Lash artist techniques.

In about three weeks after having your extensions applied, are you able to brush your extensions smoothly and without getting stuck? Especially,

‘Russian Volume lash extensions’.

You are doing your daily self-care, but after a few weeks, they start to get stuck and it's hard to brush them. Please let your lash artist know if you think so because it requires a bit of technique when applying them.

There are two main reasons for this.

💡The first reason is the same for all types of lash extensions, the baby hair can become tangled during lash application.

Baby hair is sometimes very difficult to find, and if your lashes are blonde, the light reflection can make baby hairs invisible.

Why does the brush get stuck after a few weeks if baby hairs are attached?

The reason is that the extensions and the baby hairs that were accidentally attached to your own eyelashes become entangled as the lashes grow. Baby hairs in particular grow faster than old lashes, so they start to get twisted. This causes the brush to get caught in the twisted loops of baby hair and prevents smooth brushing.

The solution to this problem is to make sure to do a sticky check. Don't forget to carefully check for stickies one by one after applying.

💡The second problem is root floating/lifting after attachment.

With volume lashes, if you don't make sure the root of the extension is aligned with your own eyelashes, the root will lift off your eyelashes and stick.

(Please refer to the diagram below.)

Loot Lifting Lashes

Depending on the attachment of the extensions, you may be able to brush them smoothly right after they're attached, but after a few weeks, your own eyelashes will grow longer and the floating extensions will start to come apart and get caught.

Neither of these problems can be solved by the client, so if you think, "Oh, my extensions are getting stuck a lot," please consult with your Lash artist.

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