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Here are some self-care rituals that can help you maintain good eyelash health.

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

To keep your eyelash extensions looking good for longer, it's important to take proper care of them at home.

💁 5 care tips💁

1. 🙅‍♀️No rubbing.🙅‍♀️ No touching. 🙅‍♀️Do not use eyelash curlers.

Sleep on your back as much as possible.

Eyelash extensions are vulnerable to friction, especially in the sideways direction.

They easily come off or fall apart in such direction.

2. When the extensions are wet, dry them as soon as possible with a towel or use a hair dryer with cold air.

Long periods of moisture can cause the adhesive to lose its hold and to lose its hold and weaken eyelash texture.

"Drying your eyelashes" is something you rarely do when you live with your own eyelashes, so it's a new habit you need to get into.

Do you find it a bit of a hassle? If you use a towel to dry your lashes, it's easy to do. However, be careful not to get the towel fibres caught in your extensions.

When using a towel, absorb the water by pressing down gently on them without rubbing.

Another way is to use lint-free cotton to dry your eyelashes to reduce the pressure on your eyelashes.

3. Use the brush to neatly keep the extensions in the right direction.

After drying your lashes, brush keep your lashes looking fluffy and keep your lashes looking fluffy, helping them stay in the right direction.

4. Use a cleansing product that is suitable for eyelash extensions.

It is best to use a make-up remover that is compatible with eyelash extensions as recommended by the eyelash extension supplier or salon, but if this is difficult to find, at least use an oil-free make-up remover.

If you have eyelash extensions, some people mistakenly believe that they are not allowed to touch their eye area and do not wash their eyes properly, but this is not true.

If you leave the sebum and make-up around your eyes untreated, the build-up of dirt and clogged pores will prevent healthy lashes from growing. Of course, oily lashes also weakens retention. This can also lead to eyelash mites and eye diseases. Keep clean around your eyes.

Gently remove make-up from the eye area using the palm of your finger in a sideways motion. Be careful not to rub too hard!

5. Avoid direct contact with the shower. Do not rub your extensions when washing your eyes. Use your fingers to apply toner.

Do not shower directly on the eye area, as the water pressure in the shower can be too much for your lashes.

If you have been using mascara regularly, many people use their fingers to scrub off their make-up.

Don't rub your eyes when cleansing while you have lash extensions.

It's easier to wash your lashes by gently smoothing them down.

👆If you use a Lash shampoo that is compatible with eyelash extensions, you will be able to wash them carefully without stinging!

Please remember: Dry your face right after washing.

The key is to gently rinse your face with warm water in the palm of your hand, rather than taking a direct shower.However, make sure you don't leave any cleanser on your face. If you do, it will damage your eyelash extensions.

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