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MARIKA20                       We are making a special offer for New staff Marika during September

Our new member of staff, Marika, has finally made her debut as a customer in September!


Marika has been doing lashes for over 2 years now, and after practicing with 3 models every day during August, she will be making her debut at our salon in September!

During the practice period, due to the lock down, the models who were supposed to come cancelled their appointments, which was such a pity as we had worked so hard to get them.

Even so, we were able to practice on about 50 models.👏

During the month of September we are offering a $20 discount for Marika. When you make your booking;

Enter voucher code MARIKA20

・Classic medium $80→60

・Classic full $95→75

・Hybrid medium $95→75

・Russian volume light $95→75

*Removals and infills are not applicable.

It's not often that you can try these volume lashes for only $75, so take advantage of this opportunity and give it a try!

Her practice models were often offered volume lashes, and they all said,

"I've never had volume lashes before, but I love them! It's natural, but it's fuller and gives me more eye-power!"

That's right💖💖💖

Many people are misled by the name "volume lash" and think it makes their eyes look very voluminous.

Of course, you can make your lashes look fuller (if you have lots of natural lashes), but you can also make them look natural and fluffy, so you don't need any eye make-up.

Marika is available from Tuesday to Friday.

Don't forget to enter your voucher code!

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