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new staff About Marika

Our new staff member, Marika, is currently practicing with free models every day in preparation for her client debut!

Due to the lock down, she has been practicing with less than a week's worth of clients, but she is still working hard with 3 models each day!

Marika has been working at another salon for over 2 years so she already has experience, but she said she hadn't done much Russian Volume, so we mainly practiced Volume lashes.

"I ask all the models to write a review if they like their lashes, and the Aussie girl did a great job! 😍

And this girl shared a lot of photos on Instagram and on my Google page.

So sweet!♡

It was her first time to get eyelash extensions and she said she loved the result. I received many messages from her saying "Thank you! A big thank you too!💖

I received messages from other models the next day.


I always find Aussie people to be very polite, courteous and helpful.

I'm really glad that my clients are so friendly and supportive.

Good luck with your practice in the next two weeks, Marika!

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