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The hardest thing about being a Lash Artist in employment!?

Our staff member, Yuka, has been working with us for 9 months now.

It was mid-October when she took our eyelash extension course, so it's been 11 months since she started working with us.

When I look at her, I think

"working in a salon when you are a beginner (instead of starting your own home salon), you can learn a lot of things and get tips on how to improve, so you grow up fast, but you also have a lot of pressure".

You can't grow at your own pace, I would say.

They need to grow up quickly, reduce their treatment time, and improve their skills in order to get repeat customers.

Of course, the first priority is to make sure the treatment is safe.

If you have your own home salon, you can spend as much time as you like on each client, but if you work in a salon, you can't do that.😓

That's why Yuka finishes her treatment quite quickly.👏

She is under pressure to finish in time because she has back to back clients. I think she works really hard under the pressure.

She has been practicing volume lashes for about 4 months after taking the classic lash course and recently she has been doing lash lifts as well.

She has been doing both volume lashes and lash lifts for the past 10 months, which is super fast learning😆 She's done in 8 months what it took me few years to do!

To improve our skills, we sometimes ask for models on our Instagram story, so if you are interested, please follow us on Instagram💕

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